Choir Guidelines

Updated information is available by calling the Choir Hotline – (310) 348-1260 x1235.

You can also join the Agape International Choir Members group on Facebook to see/post information, photos, videos, etc.


  • You must be an active in the Agape International Spiritual Center for a minimum of six (6) months to join the choir.
  • You are requested have completed at least six (6) months of service in the church community or participation in classes prior to joining the choir. Your continued service in the community is expected in addition to choir participation.


  • WEDNESDAY – following evening service until approximately 10:00pm
  • SATURDAY – 3:45pm until approximately 6:00pm
  • SUNDAY – following third service until approximately 3:00pm
  • For the first year, New Lights must attend seven (7) rehearsals, including the last Saturday before performance Sunday, in order to perform on Choir Sunday. Under special circumstances, the last Wednesday may meet the requirement if approved in advance. Veterans must attend five rehearsals, including the last Saturday before performance Sunday.
  • You must initial the sign-in sheet to get credit for rehearsals. Please only sign yourself in. You must be in attendance at rehearsal for a minimum of forty-five (45) minutes to get credit for that rehearsal.
  • DO NOT remove lyric sheets from the folders, or lyric books from the rehearsal room. You can download lyric sheets from the website.
  • It is important that you arrive on time for meditation on Saturday to help set the tone for the rehearsal.
  • All visiting should be done in the lobby or outside the rehearsal room.
  • When leaving the choir loft, please remove all your belongings and clean the area around your seat.
  • Water is the only food/beverage allowed in the sanctuary. Please do not bring any other food or drinks into the choir loft.
  • Announcements at rehearsal are for church business only and need to be approved by Rickie in advance.


  • ROOTS WEAR – bright colors, tie-dye, ethnic designs (NO PLAIDS, STRIPES, HAWAIIAN PRINTS, POLKA DOTS or “COSTUMES”!)
  • SOLIDS – the same color from head to toe! (NO PRINTS!)
  • BLACK & WHITE – solid black or white, head to toe! (NO PRINTS!)
  • DUPIONI SILK – bright colors, the same color from head to toe! (NO BLACK, WHITE OR NAVY!)
  • Attire for any given performance will be announced prior to that performance. Please double-check the Hotline for updates and/or changes. You must be appropriately dressed to sing. No strapless or spaghetti strap tops or dresses. No thigh-high skirts or shorts. Hats and crowns can be worn with “High” Roots Wear only, unless otherwise specified.
  • Please do not wear sunglasses, product or statement buttons or badges.
  • Ask your choir-mates for assistance if you do not have a particular color or outfit; often someone will share.


  • Choir members are expected to sing atĀ allĀ services on Choir Sunday (the last Sunday of the month), as well as Choir Wednesday (the second Wednesday of the month).
  • Do not enter the choir loft after the choir has stood to sing. Enter on the Alto’s side, go up the side aisle and around behind.
  • Except for emergencies, do not leave the choir loft once the speaker has begun. We recommend you watch your fluid intake and use the restrooms prior to performance.
  • Keep your eyes open and watch Rickie/Conductor at all times. It is okay to watch the soloist, however return your attention immediately to Rickie.
  • Please do not smoke for at least sixty (60) minutes prior to a performance.
  • Please do not apply any perfume, cologne, aftershave, oil or like products before performance OR rehearsal.
  • It is very important that you arrive on time (5:45am Sunday, 6:30pm Wednesday), as we do go over logistics that will affect you.
  • Please give all speakers your attention during the service.
  • Please do not draw undue attention to yourself by inappropriate dancing or movement during performance.
  • All soloists should be present at all performances. If this is not possible, notify Rickie.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We are truly One in the Spirit and here for the unique purpose of revealing the Kingdom of God through our music. It is our commitment to constant prayer and meditation and our willingness to be of service and to practice our spiritual discipline that makes our experience of Oneness a Living Reality.
– Namaste